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Dec. 12, 2016


Pattern Corrections:

Thank you for your understanding. I am a one person business, so I design, layout, cut, iron and try to proof all my designs. I am definately NOT perfect! So errors can slip through. Below is the list of errors that I have found and others have helped me find. Please make a note of them on your designs if you've purchased any before 12/12/16.

If YOU have found any errors in one of my designs, I appreciate your help in letting me know so that I can correct them, and list them for any others who have already purchased a design!




Got Cookies
-- Piece 34-B should be 34-E

Winter Joy
-- Color Code "L" is the same as "F"

Something Fishy
-- Missing Piece (if purchased before Oct. 2014)
Click on the link to for a printable PDF Something Fishy-Fix PDF

Dreaming in Black & White
-- Missing Piece B-3.5 (if purchased before Feb. 2013)
This piece falls between B-3 and B-4. It is drawn in on the placement guide.
It is a background piece on the right side of the Mother Pandas face

Click on the link for a printable PDF Dreaming in B&W Missing Piece

Whisper Under The Moon
-- Missing Step 14 in the Assembly Instructions for the Right Wing.
Click on the link for a printable PDF Assembly Instructions Page 3 of 4



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